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Sea Duck

Observed: 18th January 2013 By: Featherless bipedFeatherless biped’s reputation in BirdsFeatherless biped’s reputation in BirdsFeatherless biped’s reputation in Birds

When I took the photo, I thought I was looking at a female Long-tailed duck (there've been quite a lot around here in the last few weeks). But comparing this individual with pictures of ltd's, I'm not so sure. Nothing looks quite right in my bird guide book. Stumped!

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No eclipse plumage!

Long-tailed Ducks are one of the relatively few duck species that actually has different breeding and non-breeding plumages.

In this case I would wonder if some sort of staining is involved, perhaps oil which has been spread over the feathers during preening (although it doesn't look like the water proofing of the plumage has been broken down at all so this may not be the case).

This is definitely a male, other than that I wouldn't like to say.