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Observed: 4th November 2012 By: Angela GraceAngela Grace’s reputation in InvertebratesAngela Grace’s reputation in Invertebrates

Brown head, small brown hump halfway down body, brown mark widening into a small triangle at the tail end. About 9 segments(clear ones) could be more. About 15mm long, 3 or 4mm wide. seen on a sheet of black polythene, shed wall under trees.

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Hi Angela, Having saved,

Hi Angela,

Having saved, cropped and blew up the larva I am a bit more confident that it is a Brimstone moth larva. The colouration, the head with its 2 points and the dorsal bump are all correct.


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Brimstone moth larva

Thanks for this. The green form is spot on. There does seem to be variations though. Is there a Brimstone (butterfly) and a brimstone moth as you say? I have found two scientific names as well. Quite confusing.