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Observed: 19th January 2013 By: BobbyC

Saw this bird several times in our garden with two rings of different colours. To what do they refer, please? Cannot see any numbers with binoculars. Taken through glass of patio doors with 18/55 lens with maximum zoom. Cropped with Paint shop pro as large as I could to see the detail before too much blurring occurring. I have included the original photograph, too. It has been visiting our garden since Mid December 2012.
Please see another Photograph of the same bird I have just looked at and there is another pink ring on the left leg. Looking further at the first photograph, there appears to be a silver coloured ring above the red ring on the right leg. Thank you for the information so far.

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Hi BobbyC, I cannot see any detail on the rings, will try to find out if the colours have any significance.

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Blue Tit with 2 rings

Thanks, we were wondering if it had been ringed in the Wyre Forest which is not too far from us.Perhaps 5 miles or so.

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Coloured rings

I haven't got my head round the contents yet but this link might give an insight.