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Identify please

Observed: 14th December 2012 By: Sharron Penny
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identify this fish and eel

Please could someone identify this fish and eel for me The eel was in one of the rock pools at Jesser point Sodwana bay, it may be ajuvenile and looks very diferent from the adult

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Hi Sharron,The eel looks

Hi Sharron,

The eel looks like a Moray Eel, I'm not sure if there are more than one species of moray eel but a quick google might establish that.

I cannot help with the first picture, sorry- its a very colourful fish.


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eel and fish

Hello Sharron,

The fish is quite probably a wrasse or maybe a parrotfish but as some radically change colouration from juvenile to adult, and between male to female (and indeed will change sex and then change colour) I cannot tell without seeing the whole fish.

Cathal is correct in identifying Moray eel, but there are dozens of different species, and some that change colour between juvenile and adult (though I am not sure about M/F differences).


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Two observations

Only one species can be identified per observation,
Please load the fish as a separate observation.

Peter Southwood.
Southern Underwater Research Group
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please separate these observations.

iSpot only does one species at a time.

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Habitat tags

The habitat tag should be changed to Marine Benthic, as Marine is not a valid habitat tag for the southern Africa community. It should not be/have been in the dropdown list.

Peter Southwood.
Southern Underwater Research Group
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Not linking to SANBI

Not linking to SANBI dictionary.

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Linking now

Please I agree to the fourth ID.