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Sensationalism ?

From time to time the news media issue dire warnings of impending disaster with the discovery of a new species arriving in our midst.

Recently it has been the New Zealand Flat Worm to kill off our earthworms, Harlequins to devour our native lady birds and goodness only knows what else, Rosemary beetles to ruin the lavender farms, not to mention the conifer nurseries about the be devastated by Western Conifer Seed Bugs.Whatever happened to these species?

The latest seems to be the arrival of the Giant Spanish Slug, a rabbit eating (dead they say, we hope), super beast that that will interbreed and decimate our native species, not to mention eat all our garden plants and farmers crops. What is this beast, illustrations in the press and on line seem to illustrate the slugs Arion ater ater and Arion ater rufus . I know these are pretty big beasts, but super slugs?

Just what are these giants we are supposed to be looking out for