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Fence post damage

Observed: 16th January 2013 By: The Grebe

Animal damage - this is too high from ground (at least 1metre off the ground at highest point)to be a cat scratching the post but is now becoming extensive. We regularly have a badger visiting the garden- do badgers need to sharpen claws and therefore making use of this fence post regularly to do so?

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It may be Badger but they are

It may be Badger but they are not like the ones i see at work,there they claw on Elder trunks, but the claw marks are well spacedout & discernable. I don't pick any out in your photo.


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Difficult to tell

Do the scratches on the post have a scent? Cats can scratch suprisngly high up posts, a larger cat could easily scratch 1m up a post. But badgers can scratch too, and they like softer woods such as elder/your fence post. Roe deer can also rub their antlers on a structure and can scent them at the same time. My money is on claw scratches though.

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I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest this to be badger. Everything is right, soft wood post, height, known presence of badgers. Could be deer but I'd expect to see bits of velvet stuck in the wood.

Graham Banwell

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