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Grey Heron

Observed: 15th January 2013 By: trevindevontrevindevon’s reputation in Birdstrevindevon’s reputation in Birdstrevindevon’s reputation in Birdstrevindevon’s reputation in Birds
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Spam messages

Not directly related to this observation but I notice that if one looks at the My Spot link at the top left of this page and then one looks at Unread messages, all the observations have 1 new message which is the same and seems to be linking to an irrelevant set of sports websites. I have reported these messages as spam. Is there anything else I could do to clean up this message? Maybe this is just on my computer so I,m interested to hear if anyone else gets the same thing.

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Spam again!

I find it mildly, almost maliciously, pleasing - if time-consuming - to spend a while tracking down the spam in the forums and reporting it.
But I do wonder if anyone has ever, ever, bought anything from any of these postings, or taken the slightest interest in the football clubs that also appear?

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I agree

Yes I cant imagine that the spammers actually get any business from these silly postings. Just a pity that they bother at all.

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The problem is that spam messages such as we get now and then here are automatically generated and sent out (thus very little actual human time is spent in generating them) an they are sent out by the millions to thousands of different sites. So it doesn’t take much of an uptake to be profitable.

A recent survey (Messaging Anti Abuse Working Group) found that 12% of people seeing spam have attempted to respond!



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I suppose that the internet market is so huge and we are all still relative novices at dealing with the various scenarios that spammers and ripoff merchants and hackers throw at us, it will take some more time before the problem is solved, if ever.