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Three Snails

Observed: 17th December 2012 By: dejayM
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Two of these appear in iSpot elsewhere.
One, the middle size, is Balea heydeni seems not to.
Large is Clausilia bidentata, smalls are Lauria cylindracea.
They, and four other minis, are in a piece of dark woodland in Orkney

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Mentioned here

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Thanks Martin.
Well, I was as sure as I can be; but now, like you, I'm not as certain as I could be...
I am always suspcious of an ID panel that does not populate with links - I have a lot of those.
I read, and enquired, about this
when I writing my small treatise for the Orkney Journal earlier this year.
I followed the advice I was given then - stick to heydeni.

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Not sure about this one

We need to check further if this opinion has been widely accepted.

The publication is which this name is used is
Fauna Norvegica Vol 30 (2010)
Three land-snail species new to the Norwegian fauna: Pupilla pratensis (Clessin, 1871), Vertigo ultimathule von Proschwitz, 2007 and Balea sarsii Philippi, 1847 [= B. heydeni von Maltzan, 1881]
Ted von Proschwitz


Three land-snail species are reported as new to Norway: Pupilla pratensis, which has been segregated from P. muscorum s. lat., occurs in three isolated, calcareous wetland sites in the counties of Hedmark and Oppland and two calcareous rock habitats in Nordland County; Vertigo ultimathule, recently described from the northernmost part of Swedish Lapland, has been found in seven localities in the adjacent Norwegian county of Finnmark – the species is probably endemic to northernmost Scandinavia; finally Balea sarsii [= B. heydeni], a pronounced Atlantic element, which has been segregated from B. perversa s. lat., is found in five sites in Hordaland County and one in Sogn og Fjordane County – the locality at Florø in the latter province is the northernmost known for the species.

Martin Bishop

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Francisco Schultes

Martin, I imagine you are as well-read as anyone and I am following (and appreciating) all your snail comments.
>>This<< site is a delight. There are 14 Balea listed no mention of heydeni.
I am NOT finding it easy to separate sarsi from paversa!
Gooð wishes
Below - thanks Martin.

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You could try sending some Balea material to Richard Preece at the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge

He is an author on the paper J. Conch. Vol 39, EDMUND GITTENBERGER, RICHARD C. PREECE & THEO E.J. RIPKEN (2006) Balea heydeni von Maltzan, 1881 (Pulmonata: Clausiliidae): an overlooked but widely distributed European species

He and Gittenberger are investigating the validity of B. sarsi and will let us know.