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Observed: 27th May 2012 By: gramandy
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Devonian's pic - sent to me so that we could get some ID on the slug in Patrick's pic. Thought this might be one of those unusual slugs L. tenellus but not convinced. Probably the good old red slug.

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...lack of stripe moved me away from Dusky?

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Dusky is actually quite variable. A pair of dark stripes on an orange or brown background is the norm, but I've seen plain yellow, orange (like this one), or grey (with or without bands or a black back). In some sites maybe 20% are unbanded.

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Brian - thanks for that....

....going to take a while for me to get the hang of the IDs of these slugs despite reasonable ID pics. Obviously they are really variable and some of your description could cover a few spp. Would you mind having a look at another pic I posted - would appreciate your verdict on this one. Thanks.

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And a key for testing

Thanks for the feedback and email address. I'll send you a copy of a new key I've drafted which I'm testing at training courses at the moment. A few slug species are difficult without dissecting - the big Arion species especially. But most have a pretty distinctive jizz.


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Brian....'s the key going, I have found it useful to a degree. I still struggle with a few outside of the really obvious.