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Observed: 10th May 2012 By: freddiefreddie’s reputation in Birds
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Species interactions

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Species with which Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis) interacts


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Can we rule out tree pipit? The breast streaking looks a bit too tidy and the hind claw is quite short.

Bob Ford

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Pro-Meadow pipit features

For me the pro-Meadow features are that:
the hind-claw isn't strongly curved, though it appears to be on the shorter end of the scale for MP;
there isn't much difference between the streaking on the flanks and the breast: I'd expect TP to have distinctly finer flank-streaks than breast
the legs look pinkish to my eyes, but that's really hard to judge from these photos.
fine, rather dark-looking bill also suggests MP, esp as the base looks yellowish.

I'd expect TP to show some buff across the breast contrasting with white belly at this time of year. Looks also like it might be a 1st-summer, given the shape of the dark centres to median coverts.

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Yes on second thoughts the breast streaking does bunch up a bit in the middle. Meadow pipit then.

Bob Ford