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Unknown foliose lichen and yellow fungus

Observed: 18th December 2012 By: jakermanjakerman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensjakerman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Found on fallen mature beech twig - looks like the yellow fungus/lichen could be associated with the foliose lichen?


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Parmelia species

Cannot remove my earlier suggestion but now agree with synangium's identification and notes.

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"Yellow fungus"

I must not add it as an ID above, as it will trump the Parmelia ID.

It is also a lichen. I was thinking it might be Candelariella xanthostigma, but looking at photo 2 at high magnification, I see tiny green areoles (islands of thallus), producing bright yellow soredia at their edges.

It is Caloplaca flavocitrina - better known as a species on walls, but it readily grows on damp bark, often in very small patches as is the case here.