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Crustose lichen?

Observed: 12th December 2012 By: jakermanjakerman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensjakerman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Found on oak bark


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Chemical tests

Thanks very much Alan - genus is far better than I could have achieved, so your help is much appreciated. What type of chemical tests would I need to do?


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With Lepraria, it is necessary to conduct thin layer chromatography (TLC*), which requires a silica gel plate, some nasty chemicals and supplies of known lichen acids for comparison. In theory it could all be done in a kitchen, and I have seen it set up and carried out in an old stable, but really it should be carried out in a laboratory with appropriate health and safety assessment and safeguards. Having the supplies of other known lichen acids is the big stumbling block, even in a laboratory setup.


P.S. * I suppose one could try playing the brilliant "Waterfall" by TLC (featuring the late, lamented, Lisa 'Left-eye' Lopez) to the Lepraria, but I fear it would not be the same.