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Unknown foliose lichen

Observed: 12th December 2012 By: jakermanjakerman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensjakerman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Found on fallen birch twig - interesting fruiting bodies. Anyone know what the brown stain could be in the third picture?


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The red-brown discolouration...

is most likely to be a diseased or necrotic area of the thallus caused by a lichenicolous fungus. There appear to be a couple of pink sclerotia that might suggest Marchandiomyces corallinus, which often attacks Parmelia sulcata and P. saxatilis.


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I have seen red areas on Parmelia (saxatilis as I recall) where mites were feeding and where there was no visible sign of fungus, but here there does seem to be suggestion of Marchandiomyces corallinus (along with what looks like Homostegia piggotii). I suspect that my mite-grazed Parmelia was also infected with Marchandiomyces even if the fungus was not visible (or had been eaten?).

Pages on both these fungi on my site: http://www.lichens.lastdragon.org/lichenicolous/index.html