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Very shiny spider!

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very shiny spider!
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Actually I think my original diagnosis was too specific. Looked at the picture on my phone and thought I could see the hefty palps of gonatium which are about at the moment and fit the general appearance. Looking at this properly on a monitor, what I thought was palps was actually femur :O

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Possible id's

Someone on another site has suggeted "Linyphiidae or Gongylidium Rufipes"


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Gongylidium would fit

Gongylidium has got both a shiny dark abdomen and orangy legs, it has occured in small number at this point in the year (see the SRS website if you want to check distribution/phrenology here:-

Its another linyphiid. To be honest the darkness of the abdomen is a better fit for your latter suggestion, even if the timing isn't.

I'm going to put a linyphiid id againt it, even then, there are a couple of theridae look-alikes, thought they would normally show either darkened tarsi or a therid comb.


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i'll keep my eye out for one

i'll keep my eye out for one when I'm on my collembola hunts in the garden, hopefully get some more diagnostic images.

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Cool.. but be warned..

Cool.. but be the collembola, there are only a very small minority that can be id'd from photographs with any certainty.

Here's hoping you find a male periscope spider..walckenaeria acuminata.

Happy hunting,