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46-Packhorse track - Box ?

Observed: 13th January 2013 By: A. B. Photography
46-Packhorse track - Box ?

Dense hedge with symmetrical leaves on each stem. Type of Box?

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Thanks for the identification lavateraguy. Seems it may be Lonicera nitida (smaller leaved variety) ...?

A. B. Photography

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pileata vs nitida

My understanding is that Lonicera nitida has a more upright habit, and Lonicera pileata a more arching or spreading habit. If I'm not being misled by the effects of pruning, or by the photograph only showing part of the plant, then this plant seems to have the habit of Lonicera pileata.

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I thought L. nitida was box-leaved honeysuckle and L. pileata was privet-leaved honeysuckle? Confused!

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I also think that ...

... Lonicera pileata is privet leaved honeysuckle, but that's not the usage in Stace and the BSBI list. I didn't bother to argue with "Get Recommended".

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The debate continues!

Thank you for all your comments - all interesting!

A. B. Photography

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I thought L. nitida...

...must admit, as soon as I saw it I thought L. nitida.

Growing wild, and never pruned, they do tend to flop over like this, the upright habit being overtaken by gravity.

In my opinion, this is not L. pileata, as the leaves on that "sit" differently: they don't splay out as much, but tend to sit up and beg. And they are rather more pointed,and often appear to have been ironed, as they are angled together along the midrib.

So on balance I'm thinking that it is L. nitida and I will stand by my opinion and put up an ID revision.

And I darned well will argue with "Get recommended" as I think L. nitida is indeed Boxleaf Honeysuckle!

Rachy Ramone

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