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Observed: 6th May 2010 By: MundesleyMundesley’s reputation in InvertebratesMundesley’s reputation in Invertebrates

we dont know what it is we found it n a hedgerow in Norfolk
by bashing a bush.

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Rove Beetle

This is one of the smaller rove beetles (Staphylinidae). Someone else might be able to narrow it down a bit further.


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I think this is likely to be

I think this is likely to be Tachyporus obtusus - a tiny rove beetle. You can't see all the details you need to be completely sure of this (there are over 1000 species in the Rove beetle family), but see

Rob Coleman

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Looks like it

Good suggestion, looks a very good match for Tachyporus obtusus, but I don't know whether there are any other species that look similar. See also the photo at:

from the Kerbtier website:

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This also keys out as T.

This also keys out as T. obtusus in (Joy) but may be a more recent split.

Rob Coleman