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Brown Damselfly

Observed: 28th June 2009 By: SolipsistSolipsist’s reputation in InvertebratesSolipsist’s reputation in Invertebrates
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The brown colour is throwing me. Might be a rather muted coloured female Common Blue damselfly, or maybe a female Azure damselfly.

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Identification features

This recently emerged female damselfly can be identified using a combination of the following features (it can be sexed as a female because the ovipositor is visible under the 10th abdomenal segment at the tip of the abdomen);
1). The broad antehumeral stripes (the broad pale stripe mentioned by John in his identification above).
2). There is only one partial black stripe, or 'spur', on the side of the thorax (all similar Coenagrion species, including Azure, have two spurs).
3). There is a spine visible under the 8th abdomen segment (all dragonflies & damselflies have 10 segments to the abdomen - count back from the abdomen tip, ignoring the projections at the end of the 10th segment).

The first two points also apply to males.

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Thanks for that detailed guide Roy, very helpful.

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