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Wild Bee Nest:?

Observed: 11th May 2010 By: anonymous spotter
Bee or Wasp Nest.jpg

Actually observed in the 1980s - posted to compare with Trevweth's hornet nest. Scanned 35mm slide.

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Wild bees nest

Just a little quirk in the law. When my honey bees fly outside my property boundary, they count as being wild! So if anyone is stung by a bee, they cannot sue the beekeeper unless they are on his land with his permission.

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Bee Law

English statute is full of these quirks (my wife is a lawyer who once collected such things). In this case it's a wise quirk from the bee-keeper's point of view. Mind you - if the identity of the offending bee was disputed, how would they tell? A bee identity parade (since stinging is fatal in Apis, they'd have to be dead)?

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How common is it for bees to build their combs out in the open like this? I've only seen it once before.