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Exidia sp.

Observed: 12th January 2013 By: MickETalbotMickETalbot’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMickETalbot’s reputation in Fungi and LichensMickETalbot’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
2013-01-12 backies woods 057 (1024x768)
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2013-01-12 backies woods 059 (1024x772)

Soft and glutenous to touch. Smell, for me ?,*, my grandson, spicy.
* All I could smell was "damp woodland".
On Crack Willow.


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Thanks Fenwickfield,
Following your lead I have looked at several Exidia species, some with distinctive form. However one I came across Exidia glandulosa, appears to be more of a match, what do you reckon..?

Edit: Have used your revised ID, (for now), thanks again..

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It could be E glandulosa but they can both look very similar at this stage so I veered towards E recisa because of tree type but if the branch was on the ground then it may be a different tree type.It may be worth if convenient revisiting the site in a few days if the weather stays okay.