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Caterpillar (added via Android)

Observed: 13th January 2013 By: justjossjustjoss’s reputation in Invertebratesjustjoss’s reputation in Invertebrates
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caterpillar approx 4cm found in undergrowth / long grass when hoeing.

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Looks like a Large Yellow Underwing moth catapillar, commonly called cutworms,and are considered a serious pest. The Moth is a large striking moth, often coming indoors attracted by light.

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Agreed Anthony, It does look

Agreed Anthony,

It does look like it might well be a large yellow underwing.


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Large Yellow Underwing

Yes, agree Large Yellow Underwing, but there are other yellow underwing candidates it is worth looking through to eliminate. Def not Broad-bordered which is quite distinctive. EOL is a good starting point for caterpillar pics. This is all Noctua photos:

Jamie from Briantspuddle