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Caterpillar (added via Android)

Observed: 13th January 2013 By: justjossjustjoss’s reputation in Invertebratesjustjoss’s reputation in Invertebrates
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caterpillar approx 2cm long found in soil.

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Hi Justjoss, Nice

Hi Justjoss,

Nice caterpillars, if you go to Edit observation you can remove the 4cm cat from this ob which is in your other one, just by hitting remove picture.


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Hi Justjoss,I think the 2 cm

Hi Justjoss,

I think the 2 cm one looks very like one of the Wainscots though they are tricky enough to differentiate between. One of the problems is, as brilliant a site as UKleps is, it doesnt have larvae images in various stages of development for all species. With the Wainscots some of the species only show fully mature final instar cats. This one is half grown at 2cm.

It might be a Common Wainscot, but it could as easily be a Matthews or a Smoky Wainscot. Possibly something else but I think its maybe one of those. Young ones dont always look like final instars and some final instars of different species are quite similar so it gets tricky.


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caterpillar- possibly wainscot


thanks for the info- I will keep an eye out for the wainscot moths when they transform and see if I can work it out!

the extra pictures- can only see those when you look online. I was using the android app- it can be very difficult to edit!


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Hi, Joss, Glad you are using

Hi, Joss,

Glad you are using the Android app. You can see all the photos in an observation by swiping between them. There should also be a number above the photo (from memory - I don't have the app in front of me) that says 1/2 or 2/2 I think.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Hi Joss, adding an idecisive

Hi Joss,

adding an idecisive ID! I noticed since my last comment that it is very unlikely to be Matthews Wainscot as it is restricted to a very southern English distribution.