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Log-in via AOL

Until very recently, I could log in using either AOL or Google/Chrome. However, for the past few days, if I attempt to log-in using AOL, I can't make any entries in the user-name and password boxes. Although I can place the location/selection arrow over these boxes, the arrow doesn't turn into a cursor. I can get a cursor in the "Search iSpot" box through AOL.

If I use the Google/Chrome route, the log-in works normally.

Any thoughts on what I need to do to regain access via AOL?



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I wonder if this is a similar

I wonder if this is a similar problem to mine, and sorry John, but I am so glad I'm not the only person having problems logging in! (See last post this thread: )

Haven't been able to log in at all for the past few days and only managed the latest comment in that thread by opening a new account! Couldn't log in again though.....

When looking at new observations this evening (locked out again) I clicked the 'Log in' box on one observation and found to my surprise the fields were active and I was able to log in. No guarantee for another day though.

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I have had similar problems in the past few days and it is nothing to do with AOL.

What happens is that when the home page loads, the panel with login options takes a much longer time to load - typically 30-40 seconds with Firefox. During this time, neither of the username/password boxes will display a cursor or accept any text, nor does the cursor change to a hand if hovered over the symbols of the 'Sign in using one of these accounts', nor if hovered over the new 'Connect with Facebook' button. On the other hand, the 'Search iSpot' box above is functional immediately.

If one waits, login becomes possible apparently every time, but I can understand that many people will think they cannot log in. You must be putting off a lot of potential users.

I would dearly like to blame the "exciting new feature which allows you to connect iSpot with your Facebook account" [no excitement whatever at this end], but this seems to have happened subsequent to the introduction of this feature. Nevertheless, someone has modified the page very recently and not properly checked the effect.

I have logged in once with Internet Explorer and it worked quite quickly, but have not repeated this. Have not tried Chrome, about which I have privacy issues.


Note added in edit: a bit optimistic above, been playing with this a bit more, times for the login panel to become operable, after the page seemingly fully loaded, were 49 seconds and 53 seconds (twice). So best to say anything from 30 seconds to up to a minute (or so?).
I am not having the same problem with Internet Explorer or Chrome, so with me it is a Firefox problem, maybe involving a plugin? Whatever it is, it has started only in the last few days.


Note added in edit (2):
Just checked Firefox addons and plugins, nothing updated in the last few days, nor have I allowed Firefox itself to update - conclusion, this is still a change made at the iSpot end, that is seriously delaying login, at least for this Firefox user.

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Long Delay

Hi Alan,

Many thanks for your diagnosis; I waited for a minute after getting the Home Page up through AOL, and I could get the cursor in the username and password boxes; successful log-in this time.


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Thanks Alan

Thanks Alan, I had a delay of at least a minute but then success (at least for this time ......)

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I too had problems

I use Firefox and also had problems logging in and could only sign in through Help and Contact, by which time it seemed to work.

Anyway, yesterday all seemed to be back to normal and today the same so whatever the problem was it seems to have been corrected.

Thanks to whoever sorted it out.