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Observed: 11th January 2013 By: jeremyrjeremyr’s reputation in Birdsjeremyr’s reputation in Birdsjeremyr’s reputation in Birdsjeremyr’s reputation in Birds

I stuck it out for longer this morning and was rewarded when this bird came very close, though it wouldn't stay still and was mostly in silhouette. Apparently one bird has hooked up with a lone long-tailed tit and the pair hop around together

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nice one Jeremy. Cracking

nice one Jeremy. Cracking little things, firecrests, but having tried to video them, I know how frustrating their flittering behaviour is!

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Better shots today and I hope the Parakeets have quietened down a bit. Its hard to imagine them there. I lived in Clapton about 40 years ago. No Parakeets then.

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noise pollution

no quieter, I'm afraid, but this time I knew what I was in for and found a good nook. It's really just in the last five years that I've been seeing them everywhere and in the last two that they've become resident in every single park. They drown out everything from dawn chorus to rush-hour traffic

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Still some nice birds left

They sound like a right nuisance but at least they haven't scared all the nice little residents away yet. Never seen a Firecrest yet myself 'in the flesh'. Goldcrests are pretty nice too though and there are plenty of them around down here in the SW.