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Black Guillemot

Observed: 10th January 2013 By: GentalisGentalis’s reputation in BirdsGentalis’s reputation in BirdsGentalis’s reputation in Birds
Black Guillemot 3
Black Guillemot 1

Differant shades of Guillemot.

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Tystie photo!

Tystie photo!

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They are Tystie, in winter plumage, thanks for reminding me of the other name, that name seems to be used more here.

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I believe the name originates

I believe the name originates in the Shetlands and reflects the norse history of that part of the world. I think the Norwegian name for Black Guillemot is Teist whilst the German is Gryllteiste.

Jonathan Wallace

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Local names

Its like the local name, Whaup, which is a Curlew, we have a local area called, Whauphill, which could be about the number of them, which were seen there.