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Snail indet 3

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Snail indet 3
Woodland Marsh (Backies Woods)
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What habitat?

Was this in a pond or large ditch? Did it have a lid (operculum) sealing the mouth of the shell? It looks like a youngster of the River Snails (aka Freshwater Whelks), Viviparus, probably V. viviparus, which are olive-green with brown spiral bands, and in young specimens, the bands have rows of bristles running round them - I think I can see some roughness on the bands in the shell.
But if you tell me it was living in dry woodland, I'll think again!

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Info requested

Added an habitat image. It depicts the habitat from whence this snail, and the majority of the other species are recorded from. Re others, not all within the immediate area of the marsh, indeed some on the periphery of the wood its self. The wood, (large copse) is bordered on 3 side by residential sites, and its east side, the OS named Pike Drain, a small stream. So yes it is a damp/wet woodland habitat.

As for the other data you requested, sorry, my priority at the time was directed toward Hemiptera. However, (I know I have already mentioned this), I have been inspired by your good self, (and other iSpoter's), so in future I will endeavor to record as much detail, (all aspects) for what ever I get into my camera.

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Getting there...

Thanks, Mick,

The detective element is half the fun of iSpot. So, it's pond-like enough to be a young Viviparus, though probably not a very happy one (they are mainly in larger, more open water bodies) - but I guess it could have been more open in the past. Final question: how big was it? With that number of whorls, I think it should be about 1cm across... if you say 4mm, I'll think again!