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Limestone Woundwort

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Woundwort, Marsh
Woundwort, Marsh (1)

I would be interested to hear other thoughts on this one. Obviously going over when the photo was taken but what would have been a magnificent show in full bloom. Square upright stems with spear shaped leaves, well veined and toothed. Previous sightings of Hedge Woundwort have been rather insignificant plants so my first thought was Marsh Woundwort, even looked at Sage Clary because of the density of flower whorls, but now think a strong Hedge Woundwort.

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Not sure about this, I can see some stalked lower leaves but most seem to lack a petiole, suggesting S. palustris.

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Thanks Martin - That makes

Thanks Martin - That makes much more sense although I had never heard of it and it doesn't appear in any of my ref. books. It certainly looks like google images for S. alpina. I must point out that I put down the wrong location originally, it was actually in montains above Lake Annecy.
I will edit accordingly.
Thanks also to Landgirl for your comments.

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I would recommend "Rose"...

...if this doesn't appear in your current ref books, perhaps it's time to update?

I've converted in the last year to The Wildflower Key by Francis Rose, updated by Clare O'Reilly.

Small enough to be taken into the field, stout enough to survive the experience (this edition has a nice plastic outer cover which helps), really good illustrations, and really good descriptions, emphasizing the way to differentiate between similar plants.

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
Field Guides for Budding Botanists:

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cheers rachy aI will give it

cheers rachy aI will give it a try - can't have too many!