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Unknown slug

Observed: 4th January 2013 By: infoexpertx
Unknown slug
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Not Irish?

The yellow stripe down the keel is a strong indication of Yellow rather than Irish Yellow Slug, and the speckling on the mantle isquite small, again suggesting it's not Irish.

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thanks for the....

....confirmation Brian - has the yellow reached London?

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Yes, Yellow is everywhere, Irish is spreading fast

Till the 1980s, almost all mainland British populations were Yellow. Then, a few populations of Irish were noticed - Liverpool was a stronghold. In the last 10 years, Irish has been turningup in lots more places - it's common in Cambridgeshire, has almost replaced Yellow in parts of Yorkshire which I surveyed in the 1980s-90s, and I found it abundantly in rural Perthshire this autumn. I'd guess you have both in London by now.