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a weevil found drowned

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definitely a weevil?

Just wondering; is this definitely a weevil? Any chance it could be one of the larger bark beetles e.g. Hylastes? In the side view, there looks to be a toothed structure, maybe a tibia?


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I don't know if it is

I don't know if it is definitely a weevil or not it was found near a willow tree if that is any help

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Hi Charlie, I think your suggestion of Barynotus is correct (having looked again there are hair-like scales visible on the elytra which rules out my suggestion of Otiorhynchus). I'm not confident of which species of Barynotus though, could also be obscurus?

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Yes could be - I'm not sure how reliable the 'jizz' is - to me it says squamosus. Both are widespread in Ireland - squamosus is northern/upland, obscurus lowland.

I'm not sure if the key features can be made out - length of setae & colour of scales (squamosus has metallic scales).

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Barynotus is correct

don't know squamosus, so I can't verify.