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Dead fox

Observed: 9th January 2013 By: itsmealitsmeal’s reputation in Mammalsitsmeal’s reputation in Mammals
Dead Fox

Fox noted fighting with another fox in early hours of morning. Other fox was observed biting at throat and belly of victim, fight was not accompanied by barking or squealing, but photographed fox appear to have had fatal wound before the other fox was disturbed by noise from a neighbouring house.Neighbour reported seeing a fox ??cub visiting the corpse sometime later but still in early hours of the morning

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Dead Fox

Appears to have been a strange occurence, I have never heard of foxes fighting to the death, and while I did not witness the events, it seems unlikely to be a cub this early in the year(I do not know how big this "cub" was)Could it have been original fox revisiting site?
Any help with placing this scenario would be of help

Alan Edwards

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Road kill?

As the fox appears to be lying in the gutter, could it be that in the midst of all that happened, it dodged into the road and was hit and killed by a vehicle, not another fox?

Gill Sinclair
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No it was observed dying immediately following the fight, it did not get up but twitched and died in front of a very rekiable witness (I did not see any of this mysekf)

Alan Edwards