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Elusive bird

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I'm slightly ashamed of these pictures, but was very distracted by many parakeets. I'll try and do better one lunchtime this week

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difficult conditions

thanks Matt and all for the confirmation. That's two new birds for me in one week.

Disappointing images, I admit my patience failed after 10 minutes of vocal onslaught from the parakeets so I left, not realising I'd even got these pictures. It's difficult to explain how awful it was. They come really close and holler & squawk right at you. Other birders have been complaining as well.

I'll try again tomorrow and see if I can stick it out for a bit longer though now I'm on the scent


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Perhaps we should try -

To get one of the posh London restaurants to create a new take on an old recipe idea - parakeet pie?

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good idea

yes, I hear they're the new shark's fin, rhino horn, etc

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Any shots of Firecrests are difficult!

Don't be too hard on yourself Jeremy, it's not easy to get any photos at all of active birds like Goldcrest and Firecrest.

Is there a particular par of the cemetery these are frequenting? I'm hoping to pay a visit next week.

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Hi Roy,

I did feel a bit better when Tony the resident birder told me that the perfect pictures I remember on london birders from last year, were taken by playing calls! Better still after finding a good nook and just waiting

Although there are a few birds about - they like the Cedar walk, and come near the feeders sometimes - this bird was seen from 'new road', looking right as you walk from the main entrance, just by a noticeable holly thicket which sprawls on both sides of the path. I did walk round with Tony but sticking to my one spot between two gravestones proved best as the bird came to me. See map, X marks the spot. Be warned about the racket though.

I went from here to Middlesex filter beds and found one straight away near the hut, they've been there for several weeks as well.

Good luck. I think I just missed you at the Long-tailed duck on sunday.

cheers, Jeremy

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Thanks for posting the map -

Thanks for posting the map - I haven't made it down there yet, but will do soon (and I hope the snow hasn't caused them to move off!).