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Spongy hand looking sea creatures?

Tens of thousands of sea life creatures were washed up onto the foreshore at West Sands, St Andrews in Fife over Christmas. The storms were fierce coupled with high tides. Various species of crabs, starfish, sea slugs, fish, shells by the thousands, egg cases, jelly fish, birds, all shapes and sizes as well as seaweed

and masses of flotsam. Many were still alive. However, one species remains a mystery and there a good number of them, some were attached to various types of shell i.e., cockles, etc., they were solid but spongy and they looked like a puffed up hand. It looks as if they had been feeding on the shell remains but we are unsure. Any ideas?



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did you mean to post a picture? I'm sure you did.
Can you repost maybe...?

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I suspect the soft-coral known as dead-man's fingers, see http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/312716

Bob Ford

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I reckon so, too, Bob... saw some of these washed up at Scarborough a few years ago, and they were quite disconcerting at first glance. I believe they're very common off the east coast, so that would fit well with Fife.