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Worm like creature

Observed: 7th January 2013 By: RookoRooko’s reputation in Invertebrates

Approximately 1 inch in diameter at the bulbous rear end. Tapering to the front end where a mouth was evident at the front of the body. Black/dark blue in colour at the rear to pink/purple at front. Leathery dryish skin (as opposed to slimy). Curled up if touched. Flat underneath whilst moving.

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How active was it? Did head

How active was it? Did head activily search? How did it move?

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Reply to How active was it

When I disturbed it near the surface of a neglected vegetable bed I was clearing of weeds, (mainly Dandelions) it was inactive and curled up. It remained inactive when I picked it up and placed it onto the wooden post where I photographed it. After about a minute it started to uncurl and moved forward snail like without undulating or wriggling. Prior to moving forward its front end pointed upwards and the "mouth" was opening and closing constantly. There is a drainage ditch under a hedgerow about 10 meters from where I found the Leech. (Possible habitat) I had cleared vegetation/rubbish from the ditch the day before finding the Leech, which had been deposited on a nearby compost heap. Also the whole area was damp/wet and was waterlogged 2 weeks ago due to heavy rainfall.

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