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Red-headed Rock Agama (Agama agama)

Observed: 8th November 2012 By: LinhurstLinhurst’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesLinhurst’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Male Red-headed Rock Agama (Agama agama)
Female Red-headed Rock Agama (Agama agama)
P1010295 younger or non-breeding male?

There are three photos which may all be Red-headed Rock Agama (Agama agama). I saw the male and female mating on 8th November. I saw P1010295 the following day near further females. Are these younger or non-breeding males? They lack the blue body and the head is less vivid red.

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Less colour

The paler males may be younger and less dominant. They may breed if they get the chance but the brightly coloured dominant makes will make it difficult for them.