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Female Stag Beetle

Observed: 2nd July 2009 By: mc9662
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Female Stag July 7 2009

Female Stage Beetle seen in the evening

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Stag Beetle

South London is a stronghold for these impressive insects. They don't seem so keen on the North of the River though!


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Stag beetle

Sigh! The presence of stag beetles almost makes me wish I lived in the South of England. We have the right habitats here in Yorkshire, but I guess the climate is not right; may be in 20 years with global warming?

Graham Banwell

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Stag beetle in Brixton

My Aunt has them in her garden in Brixton South London, I think she is so lucky but she is terrified of them!


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The Great Stag Hunt

I was looking for a different survey on the internet but came across this survey and thought you might like to contribute to the survey.


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Not all southern England has

Not all southern England has stag beetles, Cornwall is completely without them....their population has in fact now retreated to just a smallish area around London and east-Anglia.
Richmond park do a lot of work to help preserve and strengthen their stag beetle population and in the Thames valley and New Forest they appear to be doing rather well: although classed as nationally scarce, they are here classed as locally common.
Also, it is worth noting and not always known that stag beetles will not populate areas with predominantly clay soil as the females must dig down to lay their eggs and the mature beetles must find their own way back to the surface in order to mate and fly. Clay soil seems to be slightly prohibitive to this.

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Stag Beetles have been

Stag Beetles have been recorded as far north a Yorkshire over the last few years, so you may be luckyto see one.

Although the major strongholds for the species are in the south-east of England, the species is regularly recorded from parts of the Severn Valley and Cardiff, so I would have to say the suggestion that they have "retreated to a smallish area around London and east-Anglia" is somewhat pessimistic.

For more information on Stag Beetle distributions in the UK see, which covers the 2002 National Survey. Hopefully the results from the 2006 & 2007surveys will be published shortly.

Tachinid Recording Scheme

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People's Trust for Endangered Species

As lead partner for the stag beetle BAP People's Trust for Endangered Species are trying to map all stag beetle loggeries they have more information and PDFS