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Chaffinch flocks

Observed: 7th January 2013 By: trevindevontrevindevon’s reputation in Birdstrevindevon’s reputation in Birdstrevindevon’s reputation in Birdstrevindevon’s reputation in Birds

Flocks of mainly Chaffinches all along farmland walk near the coast. I would estimate that I saw over 100 birds in about half a mile.

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Good Winter?

Seems to me this is a good winter for chaffinches, I too have seen lots out and about and have commented in an observation the other day about them in my garden (which is unusual).

Would be interested to hear from any of the ringers if this is just an impression or is borne out by the numbers.



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I've not personally witnessed higher than normal numbers up here (York), nor have I heard of others ringing unusual numbers.

Personally, any Chaffinch I might ring at the moment would have to be wearing snorkels...

You might be right, though, and of course the situation can be different in different parts of the country.


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