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Possible Wasp Nest

Observed: 10th May 2010 By: trevweth
20100324 Unknown nest1.jpg
20100324 Unknown nest2.jpg
20100324 Unknown nest3.jpg
20100324 Unknown nest4.jpg

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Wow! What a huge nest. I

Wow! What a huge nest. I wonder how many years it took to build?

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Do we know where the nest was built, did it come out of someone's house or shed etc.? Can any dead wasps or hornets be found in it?

I'm not sure which species it is, but the grey colour seems a better match for Common Wasp than for Hornet, and if it was in a building that is also more likely to be Common Wasp (but Hornets do sometimes nest in buildings).

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There were no remains in the

There were no remains in the nest, but the cell size seemed small for hornet. There is a section of cells in the front bottom of the nest in the main picture. I included close ups of the cells in the other three pictures but unfortunately ommited to include a scale which I think would have made little difference as the pictures are not very clear.