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Skeleton Beach Find

Observed: 4th January 2013 By: christopherhodsman
Skeleton Beach Find

Some friends found this skeleton walking on the beach at Felixstowe, Suffolk over the weekend. I have not been able to identify it, any help would be much appreciated! I have been informed it was roughlythe size of their adult labrador.

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A lobster the size of a lab?

A lobster the size of a lab? It also has a rib-cage and limb-bones. This is a mammal, and the narrow pelvis and very short hind limbs suggest a seal.

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Not sure on the lobster ID

Not sure on the lobster ID, I would expect an exoskeleton. - A seal was my best guess but I was not confident.

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Ah how foolish of me! Wrong

Ah how foolish of me! Wrong on all counts! I was also looking at it upside down... must try harder!

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Not Lobster

Definitely not Lobster or any other UK marine crustacean.

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Funny, though, they look like crab claws at the top, with a fish head & then ... well, it's a mystery to me. They didn't see it on April 1st, by any chance?

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The skull is at the bottom of

The skull is at the bottom of the picture. Then the ribcage above, with the softer pinkish cartilages. Then the spinal column. At the top is the pelvis (the 'fish head') and the two hind legs (the 'claws' - you can see the very short femur and the longer tibia and fibula as in It is a young seal.