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Black birds

Observed: 18th December 2012 By: scubamannscubamann’s reputation in Birdsscubamann’s reputation in Birdsscubamann’s reputation in Birds
Black birds

These birds were seen near some urban shops scavenging food tidbits dropped or cast aside from persons [me included] who had visited the hot-food take away. I only got the one shot on mobile phone before they were scared away.
I am fairly certain the one on the left is a rook,but less certain about the two on the right.
They look a bit like juvenile rooks but seem to have a grey area around their necks - possible young hooded crows?

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The bird on the right is a Rook (as you thought).
The other two are Jackdaws.

You should consider posting a revised ID for the rook, including the scientific name (Corvus frugilegus).
If you want to add an ID for the Jackdaws as well it is best to repost the photo as a separate observation and state that it is for the birds on the right. The scientific name for Jackdaw is Corvus monedula.
If you hit the "get recommended" button after entering an English name it will usually fill in the correct scientific name for you. Once a scientific name has been given the observation will be linked with others of the same species.

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I'll agree as the bird on the left is a Rook but as Roy suggests add a revised ID with a scientific name.

My only other comment is that if you were seeking the ID of the other 2 birds (Jackdaws) it would have been better to leave off the Rook ID as iSpot only really caters for one ID per posting.

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The pale eye is a dead give away for the bird on the right. The one standing next to it is also a Jackdaw although you can't see its eye but its is a carbon copy of its pal.


Bill Henderson

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It is quite unusual to see a

It is quite unusual to see a rook in an urban area

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black birds

Thank you all for help and comments.
I did wonder about the jackdaws but the beak seemed a bit big so wondered about juvenile hooded crow. I did not know about the pale eye giveaway (but do now).
I left them all in the same picture because I thought it might be relevant.
It is an urban area but adjacent a golf course with trees and only about 2km from countryside.
I am not sure how to do a reposting. Do I have to move it, or use the same picture from my store and sort of start again?
Many thanks.