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Duck ot not?

Observed: 6th January 2013 By: daituom
Duck ot not?
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I KNOW the one on the left is

I KNOW the one on the left is a Mallard, Obviously the poser is the one on the right.lol


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Duck on the right

As per my description in the notes.

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Both 'pure' Mallards.

Both birds are 100% Mallards, the one on the right just has genes from domestic breeds (possibly including Indian Runner) like Chris has described.

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Duck or not

This is a Mallard x Indian Runner.


Why can`t it just be a black Indian Runner x with a white Indian Runner?


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Or even crossed with a

Or even crossed with a Shellduck?


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Still a Mallard.

The link posted shows an apparent cross between an Indian Runner Duck of some description (which is a Mallard), with another breed of Mallard (perhaps a Cayugu or a Black East Indian based on it's appearance).

The duck in your original photo presumably does have some Indian Runner Duck in it, based on its upright posture, but it is impossible to say what other breed, or breeds, of Mallard have had an effect on it's appearance.

There is nothing at all in it's appearance that suggests that anything other than Mallard breeds are involved in its ancestry.

Take a look at the variety shown here: