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Snail bug

Observed: 1st January 2013 By: dejayM
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Snailbug 2

a small brown bug - lives with snails under flat rocks.
Seems to have long antennae and thin spines on the body.
Thanks Grant (Collembola) - I DID agree.
But now MickET has come in....

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I am close stuying the snail Clausilia bidentata - they are largely hibernating.
I take close-ups but only when I'm home do I find things missed by eye. I have made a lot of discoveries this way.
This little bug has not been seen since these few pictures but that is hardly surprising!
I can add nothing to its description - what you see is all I have.
I may have a slightly better detailed pic.
I'm on the case

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Thanks Mick (Tomocerus

Thanks Mick (Tomocerus minor)
Can you take a mo to look at this for me?
Tenthredopsis 20th Jan 2013
No-one has responded (difficult group!)
Thanks again