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Eristalis (1)

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Eristalis (1)
Eristalis (2)
Eristalis (3)
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Its not the drone fly is it?

That's the name of eristalis tenax.

The only reference I could get to pertinax being named the drone fly was a wikipedia article which didn't quote a source - now removed ;).

I note that naturespot uses the term 'tapered drone fly'.


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Droning on...

The Eristalis seem to get lumped together as Drone flies, so it is appropriate for pertinax, too, I suppose.

Personally, Eristalis pertinax is enough. As for 'Tapered drone Fly', don't get me started....


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Pale front and mid tarsi

Thanks Chris for providing this diagnostic feature.

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E. tenax

Hi, I'm no expert but E. tenax has visible lines of hairs down the eyes. They are usually clearly visible but not always and that's a good ID guide as well.