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Golden Eagle

Observed: 6th January 2013 By: neilblackneilblack’s reputation in Birdsneilblack’s reputation in Birdsneilblack’s reputation in Birds
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle
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Happy to believe you

but with only those pictures as evidence I am not sure I will be able to agree the ID above.

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It certainly looks like an eagle and I think the tail length would suggest Golden rather than Sea Eagle. Im not sure if there are Sea Eagles in the Cairngorms. No coloration in the pics unfortunately.

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This is not a sea eagle, but

This is not a sea eagle, but I am not sure it is an eagle at all from the first picture. There is a definite golden eagle at for comparison.

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Tricky first photo, but instructive

I agree the wing shapes are not correct for White-tailed Eagle (which do occur in the Cairngorms (particularly young birds in winter)) - the second and third silhouette photos look fine for Golden Eagle. The first can easily be a Golden Eagle if you consider that the tail was being held upwards thus fore-shortening its length.....the problems of looking at raptors in photos and not in the field.....instructive. Thanks.