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Cladonia sp.

Observed: 5th January 2013 By: Joe30Joe30’s reputation in Fungi and LichensJoe30’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

I think there's a few possibilities with this one so I am hoping someone with a lot more knowledge and experience might be able to ID it - thanks. Found in damp moorland along with C.floerkeana and c.polydactyla but very few had the 'head' shape like this one - approx 10mm in height.


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Weird form...

It's certainly a very odd growth form, possibly damaged when young. But both the main plant and the simpler ones to the right and front have a mix of granules, powder and bare patches on their surface, which probably rules out macilenta and polydactyla, the other frequent non-cup-forming red-fruited Cladonias. The cups behind and on the left look like C. chlorophaea. Not sure about the tall, thin, unbranched, unfruiting podetium at the right.