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Shiny spider with huge abdomen

Observed: 5th January 2013 By: sarahannebutcher

I found this spider behind a bird box I was clearing out in my garden. It was in a silky web and very reluctant to move. I wasn't keen either...

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New record for that 10Km square


Worth sending this record to Peter Harvey at the Spider Recording Scheme. I don't think (hopefully one of the admins can correct me if I'm wrong) that spider records on this site are submitted onto the SRS due to the hazards of ID from a photograph - however this is a solid id and would be a new record for that 10Km grid square.

And the first record for 2013 in Devon for this species :)

Info required if you do - yourself as recorder, 6 digit NGR, Chris Brooks would be "determiner", sex is female, garden would be the habitat. In a nest box useful additional information.

Or let me know and I'll submit the record on your behalf.

Matt Prince
mattprince1969 at