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Otter spraint? (added via Android)

Observed: 5th January 2013 By: JamesCommonJamesCommon’s reputation in MammalsJamesCommon’s reputation in MammalsJamesCommon’s reputation in Mammals
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It looks more like a crow or

It looks more like a crow or gull pellet.

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there tends to be the remains

there tends to be the remains of various crustations in Otter spraints in general.


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Hi Jamesy, It might be otter

Hi Jamesy,

It might be otter spraint but it usually consists of fish bones and sometimes a lot of exoskeletons of large aquatic insects. This could well be fox dung, looks like the culprit has dined on bird remains recently- large quills like this are a common enough component of fox dung. It is quite old and washed out.


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A big clue is what it smells like! It doesn't really look like Otter to me, their pellets usually being mostly fishy bits. Otter spraint has no real odour. Mink smells foul, as does Red Fox. Have a sniff.

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Similar dropping is available

Similar dropping is available here which I think is fox based on location (moorland) and familiarity with the type of dropping in that location.


I wonder are foxes as renowned for eating grass as domestic dogs? The grass above might suggest dog as they are prone to munching on grass?


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This looks to be fox; the bird remains and grass strongly suggest fox.

Graham Banwell

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