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Large Red damselfly ?

Observed: 10th May 2010 By: EcoLeaderEcoLeader’s reputation in Invertebrates
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spotted this damselfly - not sure if it was drowning or laying eggs. It has black legs so I thought it might be the "Large Red", as the "Small Red" has red legs. Not very red on body, but has beautiful eyes.

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Re comment on observation

"not sure if it was drowning or laying eggs."

This is a recently emerged damselfly (hence the pale colours) and would not yet be sexually mature. If it was in the water it was probably in trouble, it certainly won't have been trying to lay eggs!
The abdomen looks like it is twisted, so it seems to have had some problems during emergence (this is quite commonly seen in dragonflies & damselflies, but since insects generally emerge in large numbers it doesn't tend to affect populations).

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comments on my observation

Thank you everso much for your info. I've seen quite a few 'very red' Large Red's today and some blue ones too - however I had the wrong camera with me. Rest assured I'll be back out at the pond tomorrow!
After I've managed to conquer modern technology, I'll be popping a few more pictures on - and then I'm going to introduce this to my school.
Thanks everso much again. Hopefully you can help me out in the future.