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Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator ) Female

Observed: 1st January 2005 By: david1973
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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Emperor Dragonfly
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Can I query the sighting date please and do you have any other images that you could upload ? Thanks.

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Hello Chris,

I have had this picture a number of years, 3 years to be precise, I never uploaded due to the quality of picture and I was unsure until the last couple of months what it might be.

I'm only sorry I took only 1 picture.

So any help would be appreciated from a person such as yourself, I follow your postings with interest.

Kind Regards


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Hi David, it's a Hawker.

I can tell you what it is not at present but the focus is making me dither on what it actually is. I think it is also fairly newly emerged by its wing position so that does not help.

It is not an Emperor as they do not have those strong thoracic side stripes and it is not a Southern Hawker as they have bold and wide antehumeral stripes on top of the thorax.

My best guess based on what I can see is a Common Hawker but I would like to see more detail to be sure.

Regards Chris

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I'd agree with Common Hawker (and also that it's difficult to be completely certain).