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Observed: 4th January 2013 By: trevindevontrevindevon’s reputation in Mammalstrevindevon’s reputation in Mammals

Single dolphin of about 6-7ft. Very close inshore near river mouth.

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It is not a porpoise, but I

It is not a porpoise, but I feel it looks more like bottle-nose than common dolphin.

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very distinctive dorsal fin

looks like it has had a run in with a boat.

Common dolphin would show the flank markings in the first photograph, so I agree with Mydea.

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Yes. I do think it could have been a smallish Bottle-nosed Dolphin and after looking at the link to the article re the dolphin in the river last November I think it could be the same individual. The nick in the dorsal fin can be seen in my photo. Thanks all.

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Hi, I think this is a

Hi, I think this is a solitary bottlenose dolphin that has been seen round the south coast for a little while now. If he is the same one he was named nick after the cut in his dorsal!

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