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New bird in the garden

Observed: 3rd January 2013 By: RiddlesdownRiddlesdown’s reputation in BirdsRiddlesdown’s reputation in Birds

Bird somewhat larger than a pigeon hanging around the bird feeders for a few seconds - just long enough to grab the camera.
Rufous around the neck, orange eyes, yellow feet and hooked beak.

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A very nice male, nearly in full adult plumage, though its eye will become deeper yellow and the colours overall will deepen a bit. Really smart bird to see in the garden.


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Thanks for the feedback. It's

Thanks for the feedback. It's my first post on ISpot and I wasn't sure how much response an observation would attract. Really good to know that this is an active site and that there are people willing to share their expertise.

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Welcome to iSpot Richard. I've found people to be very helpful on this site and you can get a lot of fascinating feedback from enthusiasts as well as experts.

My advice would be... the more information you provide the more you'll get back. Don't be afraid to have a stab at an identification, even if you think it's probably wrong and definitely make use of the 'Get recommended' option to provide both Common and Scientific names wherever possible. The iSpot Scientific names aren't always up to date but you'll probably get responses about that as you go along.

Also, provide as many photos, from as many angles as you can. I know this isn't always easy, especially with fast moving species but it's often vital for accurate IDs of fungi and plants. Any additional information you can provide, such as measurements, environment, substrate, behaviour etc, etc, will all help.

Have fun.

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You'll also get deep red

You'll also get deep red pigmentation around the head and upper chest with full adult plumage.


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Thanks also for your

Thanks also for your comments.
I'll look out for the bird if it returns and see how it changes.