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Cladonia ramulosa

Observed: 3rd January 2013 By: Urban NatureUrban Nature’s reputation in Fungi and LichensUrban Nature’s reputation in Fungi and LichensUrban Nature’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Not totally sure on this one so any comments will be great, thanks.


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Not sure.

Lovely clear picture. My Dobson Lichen book says that C. ramulosa only has "very narrow cups", which makes me think it might be something else. I think that the little spikey bits with the brown apothecia might be an identifying factor, so I wonder if it could be C.chlorophaea, as http://www.lichens.lastdragon.org/Cladonia_chlorophaea.html says "apothecia sessile or on short prolongations from the cup margins". But I'm not very familiar with Cladonia species at all, so not confident!

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist
Yorkshire and Humber

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If you look at the oldest

If you look at the oldest upload of C.ramulosa just above your comments, the cups on that specimen seem similar to mine.

Like you though, I am not very confident!


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Wakefield photograph?

If this refers to the photograph from Wakefield, currently named "C. ramulosa", the photograph doesn't give a clear view of the surface features, but I doubt that it is correctly named.


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Thanks for all your comments.

Thanks for all your comments. I have never seen apothecia on C.chlorophaea before so think that clouded my judgement.